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Pre care tips prior to Cosmelan


-Avoid Sun exposure or fake tan for a month before your treatment.

-We recommend using active ingredients and SPF to prep your skin for a month

before your treatment.

-Avoid heat based procedures for a month prior of the treatment. 


-Discontinue use of active ingredients 24 Hours prior to treatment.


-Remove contact lenses and any eyelash extensions prior to treatment.

Post care instructions

-You can get a spray bottle with water to spray through the day as cosmelan 1 hardens.


-Your provider told you how many hours to leave your mask on, remove your peel at that time.


-Use lots of cold water to remove the mask.


-Apply a small pea size of Aftercare cream 2 x per day


-No Swimming, Sauna or exercising a month post treatment.


-No exercising or makeup 3 days post treatment.


-Don't have botox or any dermal filler performed for at least 5 days after the initial Cosmelan mask application.


-Do not use Active ingredients or exfoliants


-No waxing should be performed in the first 4-6 weeks of the protocol.


-Don't get another skin treatment or procedure on the treated area for at least 30 days following the treatment.


-No exposing the area to sunlight, apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, and again, immediately before. After that reapply every 2 hours.


-Apply Melan Recovery Cream 10-15 minutes after Cosmelan 2.


-Use Melan 130+ pigmentation SPF during the day, use Melan Recovery Cream in the morning followed by Melan 130+ Mesoprotech SPF during the day.


-It is normal for you to get,swelling,heat ,sunburn ,stinging ,itchiness ,dry skin, redness. 


-Do not use Active ingredients, AHA, BHA or Retinols​​ on your skin during your 3-month treatment with Cosmelan.


-Gentle cleansing the skin with mesoestetic gentle cleanser, you can purchase after care kits in clinic. 


-Apply Melan Recovery Cream am/pm that is provided from the clinic.


-Apply Cosmelan 2 in the evening only after cleansing and follow with Melan Recovery Cream 10-15 minutes later.


-The use of Cosmelan 2 cream can be adjusted for your comfort if your skin is feeling sensitive, decrease use of Cosmelan 2 cream until you can tolerate it, some discomfort is expected in the beginning but we never want you to be in pain.


-During maintenance on Cosmelan 2, discontinue its use for 3-5 days prior to waxing and do not start until 3 days after waxing.

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