face and neck.                            

30 minutes


We know you’re looking for the answer to beautiful skin. LED light therapy treatment utilises over 2000 powerful LED lights that target a diverse range of skin concerns:

Blue light (415nm)

  • increases skin hydration

  • 76% to 80%

  • 10% better results than using benzyl peroxide

  • damages and kills bacteria

  • slows sebaceous activity

  • applications for 3 consecutive days proven to reduce acne by 99.99%


Red light (633nm)

  • increases blood and lymph circulation

  • increases collagen synthesis and healing

  • supports firming and toning

  • reduces pore size

  • stimulates release of ATP

  • energy source for DNA replication, cell metabolic rate, cell oxygenation and respiration


Green light (525nm)

  • improves rosacea flairs

  • reduces redness

  • self regenerating

  • nourishing

  • targets hyper pigmentation

  • detoxifies skin by reducing irritation and sensitivity

  • calms skin post IPL treatment


Yellow light (590nm)

  • increase lymphatic circulation

  • relaxes nervous system

  • boosts immune system

  • reduces erythema and pigmentation

  • increases dermal thickness and hydration

  • excellent for stressed and sensitive skin

  • decreases inflammation by encouraging circulation

LED therapy is proven to firm, tighten and rejuvenate your skin. We tailor your treatment to your skin concerns. Let our professional and extremely skilled therapists cater your treatment to what’s best for you. 

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