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Pre care tips prior to Plasamage

-Avoid Sun exposure or fake tan for 4 before your treatment.
-We recommend using Vitamin A , Vitamin C, Cleansers with active ingredients and SPF  to prep your skin for 2 before your treatm

-Don't wax 7 days prior to treatment. 
-Avoid heat based of procedure for 4 weeks prior of the treatment. 

-Discontinue use of active ingredients a week prior to treatment.

Post care instructions


-Wash the area gently with warm water, carefully pat dry.

-Apply a small pea size of Aftercare cream 2 x per day

-No Makeup, no Swimming, no Sauna, 

-Do not use Active ingredients or exfoliants 

-No exposing the area to sunlight, apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, and again, immediately before. After that reapply every 2 hours

-It is normal for you to get,swelling,heat ,sunburn ,stinging ,itchiness ,dry skin, redness, bronzing, crusting, small dark dots​ and weeping.

-Do not use AHA’s Glycolics or Retinols​​

​-Use lots of cold water to remove the mask, apply the Melan Recovery Cream.

-You may feel some warmth/stinging/itchy sensations following the removal of the peel. Cool air/fan will help to ease this discomfort.

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