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Pre care tips prior to Laser hair removal 

-Don't wax, tweeze or dermaplane 2 weeks prior to the treatment.


-Don't tan for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.


-Can't be pregnant or breastfeeding. 


-Can't have a Bacterial or viral infection.


-Can't have been sun burnt in the last 2 weeks.

-Shave the area to be treated 24 hours prior to your treatment.


-First session you will have to leave a patch of hair unshaved so our therapist can do thorough consultation, this is only necessary on the first treatment. 


-Make sure the area you are having the treatment done is has no deodorant and creams present before treatment.

Post care instructions

-If you notice red marks and bumps apply an ice pack, cold press or apply a cooling lotion like Laser Aid, you can purchase laser aid in clinic.


-Avoid sun exposure for at least four weeks after treatment and use SPF daily.


-You will notice that the treated hairs will start to fall out 1-3 weeks after treatment.


-Exfoliate to remove hairs that start to fall out 1 week post treatment.


-No tanning for 24h post treatment. 


-Don't have a hot shower after treatment.

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