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Cosmelan treatments are one of our most popular treatments at our skincare clinic. It is a highly innovative system that gently targets and treats unwanted pigmentation and melasma on the face. This safe and non-invasive procedure treats the source of pigment formation to deliver a rapidly clearer, brighter and more clarified complexion.

Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation peel system that reduces the dark spots caused by sun exposure, hyperpigmentation and ageing. A two-step treatment, the first step is the application of the Cosmelan 1 peel in our clinic to tackle existing pigmentation via skin peel.

The second step is an at-home program to prevent further excess pigment production. The Cosmelan 2 serum is a tyrosinase inhibitor which sedates the production of excess melanin to reduce hyperpigmentation and improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

Cosmelan doesn’t contain any aggressive hydroquinone or bleaching agents, making the treatment process safe, painless and non-invasive. To achieve the best possible result, it’s recommended that a quality sunscreen is used and reapplied daily to minimise sun damage.

This treatment may be performed on both old and new pigment deposits on patients of all ages and ethnicities. Cosmelan is particularly effective on melasma, a form of hormonally aggressed pigmentation. Melasma is most common on women and shows as bilateral patches of uneven skin tone particularly on the cheeks, forehead and top lip. Cosmelan is also effective to treat brown post-acne marks. These commonly appear on darker skin tones. The appearance of sun spots and ultra-violet aggressed uneven skin appearance may too be easily treated and cleared for a radiant and luminous finish.

Cosmelan is the perfect alternative for those skins not suitable for laser, IPL or chemical peels. The daily use and re-application of a sunscreen is vital to ensue treatment efficacy and results. Keeping the skin well-hydrated following the removal of the Cosmelan mask is also vital to reduce unwanted dryness or flaking.

Most patients experience a dramatic reduction in the appearance of unwanted pigmentation following just one session of Cosmelan. To ensure long-lasting results, it is recommended to use a recommended regime of specific home care products.



Our cosmelan package consists of:
- Cosmelan treatment performed in clinic by your skincare therapist
- Mesoestetic product kit to be used in conjunction with the Cosmelan treatment to achieve the best results. Skincare products include: hydra cream cleanser, hydratonic mist, hydra-vital factor k, hydra vital mask, melan recovery, Cosmelan 2 and melan 130 pigment control sunscreen.
- 2 x complimentary LED light therapy treatments.


  • How long does the treatment last?
    You will have outstanding results after just one treatment of the Hydrafacial however the best results are seen with regular sessions to ensure healthy cell turnover and the removal of damaged cells and impurities. At BELLA MEDI Skin clinic we recommend 3 initial treatments at monthly intervals for optimal results to refine, refresh and hydrate the skin. For those with more serious skin concerns such as acne and sun damage a course of 6 monthly treatments is recommended. Following the initial treatment course, a Hydrafacial should be performed every 2-3 months or before any special or red-carpet event.
  • What happens after my treatment?
    For the 3-5 days following treatment we advise the following: · Do not use any skin care products containing vitamin A. · Ensure your skin remains moisturised and apply moisturiser regularly · Strict sun avoidance and daily SPF 50 · Avoid heat inducing activities such as vigorous exercise, hot showers, steam rooms for 48 hours after the treatment. · Avoid any other skin treatments such as laser, skin needling and injectables.
  • Is this treatment suitable for everyone ?
    Although the treatment is very safe and effective, the treatment cannot be performed on those who have allergies to salicylates or shellfish (though we can substitute the specific ingredient to allow a hydrafacial treatment) have had facial surgery in the last 12 months, have active facial infections/eczema/rosacea/dermatitis or herpes simplex infection (cold sores), have new sunburn in the treatment area or who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
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