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The recommended first step with us before starting on your skincare journey, is a skin consultation from one of our skincare therapists. This skin consultation and analysis with our Observ skin analysis machine ensures the subsequent professional treatments and homecare prescription plan that will address your concerns and expectations for now and the future.

No two skins are alike. We will develop a customised treatment plan and solution that will effectively address your skin’s individual needs. Your skin treatments will be complimented with homecare products suited to your your specific concerns and condition. Your home care regime is as important as your skincare treatments in the clinic. You will see incredible results with the combination of both.

We are 100% committed to making sure that your skin is as healthy as it can be by investing in our advice, treatment recommendations and skincare products, we will be able to give you the skin you’ve always dreamed of.


A complete and thorough face to face consultation determining your specific skin concerns, complete with a skin treatment plan tailored to your needs. Your skincare therapist will place you under our OBSERV Skin Analysis machine to determine any underlying conditions or concerns.

We will then tailor a paramedical treatment plan for your skin concerns. Skin care advice is given with product prescription for home use. 

You can choose to start your skincare journey with skincare products recommended by us, or your therapist will book you in for a specific treatment on a day that suits you or you can book in for a skin consultation with treatment.

Consultation only

Price will vary**

Consultation with treatment

*Consultation fees are redeemable if products are purchased or a treatment is performed on the day. Cannot redeem products or treatment if using a gift voucher.

**Price varies and will be determined by the treatment chosen to have on the day.

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