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Pre care for tanning 

-Exfoliate skin 24 hours prior to treatment.

-Shave body 24 hours prior to treatment.

-Get beauty services i.e nails, waxing, or a massage before your spray tan to avoid the potential of rubbing off a fresh spray tan.

-Make sure you don't have any  on or it will l

-Remove any creams that will prevent your tan from sticking prior to the treatment. 

-Remove any deodorant that will leave a marks prior to the treatment. 

-Wear baggy clothing to the appointment.

-Book your tan 2 days prior to an event.

Post care instructions 

-Wear loose clothing after appointment, leave bras off or any tight clothing that will leave lines.

-Make sure to keep the tan dry as it will leave a mark if you spill or accidentally get the tan wet. 

-Wash hands 30 minutes after tanning for a natural look, but rinsing at pat drying the tan.

-Wash tan off 2-8 hours after tan is applied depending on how deep you like the tan.

-When washing your tan off rinse in lukewarm water until water running off you goes clear making sure you have rinsed all the tan off.

-Don't use soap or scrub your body in the first shower.

- After you have rinsed your tan off pat dry with a towel avoid rubbing your tan.

-Avoid long steamy showers or suna as they will lighten the tan faster.

-Don't exfoliate until you are wanting to remove the tan. 


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