The Carbon Laser Facial, also known as ‘China Doll Peel’, gives you glowing skin after just one treatment. This treatment is very popular with celebrities! If you’re looking for a quick quality skin rejuvenation treatment with no downtime, then the Carbon Laser Facial is perfect for you.

The Carbon Facial uses a medical grade carbon creme that is applied to the entire facial area which is absorbed into your pores. This is followed by an application of laser light wavelengths to activate the carbon, shattering it into particles to clean and rejuvenate the epidermal layer of the skin. We are the only salon using a Q-switched ND: Yag laser hand piece to perform this specialised treatment.

This treatment can be performed as a single treatment or a recommended course of 6-8 treatments every 2 weeks, it's really important that you haven't sunbaked or have any spray tan on 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Core benefits:

  • Cleans, purifies and tightens congested/enlarged pores

  • Treats active acne and reduces acne scarring

  • Improves overall skin tone for an instant glow

  • Restores skin radiance and smoothness

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stimulates new collagen and elastin production 

Face and neck
Face, neck and décolletage